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Java solutions has played a pioneering role in taking computer learning in software development.

Welcome to Java Solutions

Java solutions, born in 2016,a group of talented, young and experienced techie came together with a single motive to deliver good excellence, with a mission to bring people and computers together successfully, is among largest IT training provider in Indore; Java Solutions has trained one out of every three software professionals in the country and become a beacon in the global IT revolution. From introducing computers to the people of India, to providing advanced IT skills to students and professionals, java solutions has evolved into a training powerhouse.

Java Solutions, provides lays a strong emphasis on training the students conceptually, practically we believe in doing things exceptionally well by going into their roots. Our programs are designed and developed with a combination of best practices from the industry, real world experience and focus on employability and industry expectations. Apart from training the candidates for preparation of industry acclaimed international certifications we also run comprehensive customized programs to meet the special needs of target groups. Area of specialization – Training , project ,analysis, development, deployment, hands on experience on live projects ,friendly environment, unlimited labs . Our Services range from Designing, Development, Training, and Customize Corporate Solutions.



Java solutions has played a pioneering role in taking computer learning in software development to the masses. We train over 250 learners each year, with an alumni association. We use IT learning to change lives graduate students have confidence and abilities to seek a job and serve.


Our promise to our students is that at Finally Java Solutions Training Institute they will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges of today’s workplace. The high level of quality in our training courses, the experience of our educators and the commitment and dedication to each and every student is what ensures the future success of our graduates. We are committed and conferred solely to the professional growth and achievement of our graduates.